Dad, this looks nothing like the mall.

12 June 2013, Blanc Gallery—I wish I could say I had planned it. That I had set out to spend Independence Day appreciating modern Filipino art. But what I had really wanted to do was indulge in the national pastime of malling. Ten minutes into our quiet afternoon drive, I realized my dad had other ideas. “We’re just going to make a quick stop,” he says. (Spoiler alert: my dad’s “quick stops” are never ever quick.) I don’t even know why I had let myself get blindsided by his agenda when he has been making quick stops to local art galleries ever since I was too young to be looking at some of the art on display.

I used to stress myself out a lot *nerd alert* thinking about how much homework I would have already finished if he had just taken me straight home from school. Eventually I learned that resistance is futile and even semi-embraced the family hobby. These days, I’m happy to report, I participate fully in these side trips. And by that I mean: I go to take lots of photos.

So here’s a retelling of all my art-related side trips. And my not-always-art-related reasons for being there.


Featured Artist: Renato Barja Jr.

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